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CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS NOW REQUIRED - Each and every applicant for an original Broker, Associate Broker or Salesperson is now required to submit to a state and national criminal background check. Obtain complete information by "Clicking Here".

FREE FLOOD HAZARD TOOL - The Real Estate Commission is pleased to announce the existence of a free "West Virginia Flood Hazard Determination Tool", which has been made available to the public by the WVU, GIS Technical Center. The tool is designed to help real estate agents, other professionals and the general public quickly, accurately and efficiently determine whether a building or property is in or near a flood plain. You may access this free tool at: http://www. mapwv.gov/flood.


300 Capitol Street, Suite 400
Charleston, WV 25301
304.558.6442 fax


Cheryl L. Dawson, Chairman
Kathryn L. Martin, Vice Chairman
Kathy J. Zaferatos, Secretary
Joe L. Ellison, Member
Densil L. Nibert, Member

Richard E. Strader, Executive Director


The West Virginia Real Estate Commission has the principal purpose of protecting the public interest from the unauthorized, unqualified and unregulated practice of real estate brokerage through enactment of
WV Code 30-40
and to regulate the granting of such privileges and their use.


Member - Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)
E.E.O.\Affirmative Action Employer

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